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Lucky11 Online Football Betting Guide-2022 FIFA World Cup!

Free Football Prediction
Free Football Prediction

The four-yearly soccer tournament, The 2022 FIFA World Cup is about to begin, and the world's fans will be crazy about it! But you usually pay attention to cricket matches, you don't know much about soccer gambling? It is only during the World Cup that you become a one-day fan?

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Today Lucky11 casino site brings you the football rules, a great way to watch the World Cup live, you can also make big money with online football betting!


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What are the rules of soccer?

World Cup Champion Prediction!

What are the rules of soccer?

The World Cup is an international tournament, therefore, use the 11-player football match rule!

  • The soccer team must have at least 23 players, there must be 11 players on the field, and the rest are substitutes.

  • The soccer game lasts 105 minutes and is divided into a 45-minute first half and a 45-minute second half, with no more than a 15-minute halftime break.

The game ends when the team is down to seven players due to injury or a ruling, and the other team wins.

  • At the end of the match, the score is tied and the match will be extended.

  • The extended game is also divided into a first half and second half, but there is no intermission. If there is still no winner in the extended game, will enter the "PK Match". Both teams will send five players to shoot a 12-yard field goal, and the team with the most goals wins.

World Cup Champion Prediction!

There is no absolute winning team in sports competitions, and this is the fascinating part of the World Cup. But we can use the analysis of past football games, Countries like France, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Argentina are seen as perennial challengers and are understandably popular options for championship teams.

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