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Lucky11 |【Cracking Blackjack】Can count cards 21 blackjack?

Lucky11 Blackjack Strategy
Lucky11 Blackjack Strategy

Betting sites have a wide variety of poker games, and blackjack is one of the most common games. Blackjack is the only gambling in all casino games that has a chance to beat the dealer and make money. Today, Lucky11 brings you the practice of blackjack counting and arranging, so that you can master the blackjack winning formula.

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Thorp proposed the blackjack card counting technique in 1962, proving that as long as you bet according to certain rules, the blackjack odds will become positive, Let's take a look at the blackjack skills.

How to play blackjack?

Blackjack is a betting game where players and dealers compare, Of course, the premise is that it does not exceed 21 points. If it exceeds 21 points, it is a bust and it is directly judged to lose. After the player gets the first two cards, he can choose to continue to take the card (Hit) or stand.

Under certain conditions can choose to double bet (Double), or split. In other words, there are only four choices for players ( Hit, Stand, Double, Split ).

The dealer starts to draw cards after the player ends, and must make up 17 points or more before they can stop. Analyze the more probable plays based on the various possible hand types. For example, if the dealer has 7 and the player has 16, should the player hit or stand? Many people will intuition that it is easy for the player to bust when he draws again, but here it is more advantageous for the player to continue to draw. Thorp calculates the so-called blackjack standard play based on the odds of winning.

Blackjack Analysis

If the blackjack game is divided into two cases, A and B. If the A condition is present, the chance of winning is 51%; if the B condition is present, the chance of winning is only 48%. Because the odds are all 1, and assuming that the probability of A and B appearing is 40% and 60%, and each bet is 1 yuan, the way to calculate the expected profit is:

  • A expected profit: 0.51*1 + 0.49*-1 = 0.02 (profitable)

  • B expects profit: 0.46*1 + 0.54*-1 = -0.08 (unprofitable)

Overall expected profit (A and B): 40% *0.02 + 60% *(-0.08) = -0.04 < 0 (negative, unprofitable).

However, if we consider the position size and change the bet to 8 yuan in case A, and maintain the basic bet of 1 yuan in case B, the expected profit becomes:

  • A expected profit: 0.51*8+0.49*-8 = 0.16 (profitable)

  • B expects profit: 0.46*1+0.54*-1 = -0.08 (unprofitable)

Overall expected profit (A and B): 40% *0.16+ 60% *(-0.08) = 0.016 > 0 (positive, profitable).

If the first few players have more low cards, the result is more favorable for the player. Because it is more likely to be a big card left in the card box, which makes it easy for the banker to blow up the card in the process of drawing up to 17 points, the player's winning rate increases; conversely, if there are more big cards in the front, it will be unfavorable for the player, because the banker It is less likely to bust, and it is possible to win the player.

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