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Lucky11|【Roulette Winning】What Is The Roulette Betting Tips?

Lucky11 Roulette winning
Lucky11 Roulette winning

Baccarat is not the only one to play in the live entertainment of the online casino. Live Roulette, Sic Bo, Fried Golden Flower (San Gong)... etc. are all hidden in it. Occasionally, when you are tired of playing hundreds of games, these types of games are also quite good choices. Lucky11 is going to introduce the roulette gameplay today, as well as the skills of how to play roulette to win!

What is roulette and how to play roulette?

In casino roulette games [European roulette, American roulette] these two are the mainstream, the difference is that the wheel of American roulette has two zeros, while the European roulette has only one zero. Most of the roulettes in live games in online casinos are European-style.

Roulette introduction
Roulette introduction
In the roulette game, the most players bet on the following three types:
  1. Roulette red and black bets: The croupier puts beads on the roulette wheel, and the roulette bet predicts that the ball will stop in black or red.

  2. Roulette Odd and Even: The croupier puts the beads on the roulette wheel, and roulette betting predicts that the ball will stop at odd or even numbers.

  3. Roulette size: The croupier puts the beads on the roulette wheel, and the roulette betting predicts the number that the ball will stop. 1 to 18 is small; 19 to 36 is large.

If you want to increase the roulette odds, betting on a single number in roulette is the best betting strategy. Although it is more difficult to win, once the roulette winning odds can increase a lot.

What's the way to play roulette?

Choose the code

There are many ways in roulette, and the code is to follow the path. The conventional code is usually one. It is recommended to use 3-4 codes here, and the winning rate is still reliable.

How does roulette look on the road?

Red and black road: Judging according to the color of the card at the time, it is generally the same color.

The size of the road: according to the size of the digits opened at the time, it is also the same way.

Odd way: According to the number of odd and even numbers, follow Tonglu.

Bile code extension

According to the selected code (3-4), expand to the numbers on both sides, for example, the fixed code is 12, the expanded is 35&28, and the final bet number is about 9-16.

Bet allocation

If two bets are used, then only one bet will be used for the expansion to be balanced.

Roulette is usually very messy, so if you choose this betting method, the final profit is almost 2.5-3.5 times, and 1 out of 2 is still roulette winning!


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