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Lucky11 | Gambling Guide - The Safest Roulette Betting Strategy!

What types of gambling do you think of when it comes to living games in online casinos? Baccarat Betting? Roulette Gameplay? Sic Bo? Or Blackjack? Among these betting games, Lucky11 believes that roulette is the easiest way to win.

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The reason is that roulette can be played with many options at the same time, increasing your chances of making money gambling! Today we are going to share the roulette tips that can be used in the top 10 casinos in India!

Roulette Type?

The first thing you need to do to play roulette is to know what types of roulette are there. In general, casinos are dominated by two types of roulette: American Roulette and European Roulette.

  1. American Roulette: Two 0. 0&00-36 on the turntable.

  2. European Roulette: One 0. 0-36 on the turntable.

The Lucky11 gaming site offers two types of online roulette, These two types of roulette have their advocates. But in terms of game chance, American roulette has an additional zero and a casino advantage of 5.2%. European roulette with only one zero gives a 2.7% casino advantage and is relatively easy for players to win.

Roulette Easy Tricks!

Betting on the size of the roulette wheel:

When you enter the game room, don't rush to place your bets, first observe the roulette history.

  • Assuming this game is on big ( 19-36 ), you can bet on the big game ( 19-36 ) and ( 3 RD 12 ), two areas, in the second game.

  • Assuming the game is on small ( 1-18 ), you can bet on small ( 1-18 ) and ( 1 ST 12 ), two areas, in the second game.

The third game first pauses to observe the roulette wheel opening trend, and then decide which side to bet on, this strategy is the secret to winning roulette for betting gurus!

Live Roulette Demo!

Don't pack a lot of numbers:

This is illustrated by a single bet on roulette, bet on a number, and the roulette winning is 35x, if you buy 35 numbers at one time, there is still a chance that two other numbers you did not buy will be drawn.

If you lose a single bet on a number, you must win 35 consecutive games to win the bet, you have to win 35 games in a row to make up for the money you just lost. This kind of roulette betting is too risky and gambling experts do not recommend this betting method.

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